About Us This project isn't really about us but I guess here we are...

We are Daniel and Alex, a couple of guys that just like to volunteer our time and resources to help others. And we wanted to make some sense of this NFT thing. With so many people just trying to load your cash into their Lamborghinis, we wanted to see how we could use it to give back.

So intead of making us rich (though you can get rich off of it if you want, that's cool), we started the Crumply Head project as a way to give to many different causes on a regular basis.

Mr Crumply Head is a win-win-win. You win on a solid investment, we win with the freedom to devote more time to volunteering, and the world wins through the impact of your generosity. So help us out and show the world it's about more than just the money. (And hey, if you're in it just for the money, how are they gonna know?)